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Music theory tuition in Llanelli

Are you looking for experienced tutors who can teach you music theory? Contact Piano and Electronic Keyboard Tuition in Llanelli.

Learning to read music

Learning music theory may seem like a chore to begin with, but it will furnish you with invaluable skills that open up a myriad of doors - doors which would otherwise be closed to you. We teach in a manner that is enjoyable, letting you learn at a pace that is comfortable for you.
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What do we cover?

  • Terms and signs
  • Arrangements of notes and rests
  • Simple and compound time signatures
  • Why notes are grouped together in particular ways
  • Understanding the tonal system
  • Chromatic scale construction
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Classes for GCSE and A level

At Piano and Electronic Keyboard Tuition, we conduct music theory lessons for students studying for their GCSE and A level qualifications. We cover all the topics in the syllabus and ensure that you are confident to take up the exam. We can organise refresher courses and intensive training programmes. Visit us or  contact our team with your requirements. 
Piano and Electronic Keyboard Tuition offers one-on-one and group music theory tuition for grading students. Visit us in Llanelli or call us on
07972 085 159
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