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Online Music Lessons

We now offer Piano and Keyboard lessons online. From theory to practical lessons, we are here covering Grades 1-8 and more. Please browse through some of the below options and contact us with any queries you may have regarding this.

Online Music theory tuition 

We offer online Music theory tuition from Grades 1 - 8 where students can enhance their knowledge of the written language of Music. 

Online practical tuition

We offer online practical teaching where students can practice the graded exam pieces from Grade 1 – 8 and beyond. 

Online Music Practise

Not only do we offer graded tuition but students are also welcome and encouraged to play whatever kind of music they would like to play. 

Contact our tutors

Mobile: 07972 085 159

Telephone: 01554 752 597
Piano and Electronic Keyboard Tuition
39 Andrew Street
Llanelli  SA15 3YW
Business hours

We are open Monday to Saturday.
Call us to schedule an appointment.
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